Seni 2001 Photos
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1000's enjoy "The Fighting Spirit" The UK's biggest Martial Art Exhibition. This year - Martial Arts practiced on the box!! - Visitors battling it out on the computer machines


Many new items on display to improve and perfect your Martial Art skills. Here a few young men try out their punches on a training dummy!

A few lucky junior members meet the world famous Shaolin Monks at the show.
The Monks had a stand at the show this year promoting their tour of
"The Wheel of Life"
Martial art extravaganza

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BFFA stand - this year promoting their new video - "Without Warning" a self defence video for all.

The British Kendo Association adorning their Swords.

Shaolin Monks Stand at the SENI

Soke Dossett talks to the demo team before they go on.

SCI - Spirit Combat International demo team 10th Dan Soke Dossett centre with Martial Art Clubs founder Martin Blakeway far right.

Junior members enjoy Weapons Combat - here demonstrating the Bo Staff Combat

Some peace and relaxation after a good fight!!
Demonstration Video Clips
These clips are in both compressed version for quick download or in full length top quality with sound - they may take a few minutes to download - its well worth the wait for some fantastic Martial Art action.

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demo by this team

Compressed - quick down load

Spirit Combat International Demo - Full length with sound

Short compressed version - for quick download

Sparring Mpeg - Chongshin Do

Breaking Demo - Chongshin Do

Mpeg of multi break demo - Jumping Reverse Turning kick x4 times!


Sword Kata to Music

Compressed fast download version

Mpeg clip of Kata to music
With sound (3 mins down load time 1/2 Mb)

Compressed quick down load

Mpeg Movie Of Demonstration By the British Free Fighting Academy
(475k download)

Short clip of Soke Dosset showing Aikido techniques taking on four attackers

Chongshin Do Demo Tatami

Full length SCI - Combat Jujitsu Mpeg Roy & Adrian
1.3mg 5 min download
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Ross Iannoccaro with Carly Gracie Seminar pics1 Gracy demo's throw

Dr Hee Young Kim - Seminar

Adams - Former Olympic Judo Champion at the show
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Matt & Mark Allen & James Eccles members of Chongshin Do demo team
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